Helping you look and feel great

Let's talk about natural beauty

NakedSister actively promotes a healthy self-image.  Love yourself as you are, with or without make-up, because you are naturally beautiful.
NakedSister makes 100% natural products using only oils, butters and waxes from nature that are kind to the body, nourishing the skin cells with vitamins and anti-oxidants.
When you use a NakedSister product your skin is nourished from the inside out, so that your natural beauty can also shine from the inside out.

Although I also make super hydrating lip balms and therapeutic room and pillow sprays, I am mostly known and loved for my uniquely-crafted moisturising massage bars.

When I first launched this innovative product, most customers thought it was soap! But these beautifully presented bars (which are not only easy to use but also achieve amazing results) are becoming more and more popular.

When you choose a NakedSister product you can be sure that it is unique and innovative as I take time to listen to my customers’ needs before I create new products with my distinct NakedSister blends. .

Features of NakedSister products