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The peppermint rush massage bar has changed my life. I have extremely dry cracked feet but after using this for a few days the difference is unbelievable. I have tried EVERYTHING and even though I get relief from other products it is only for a few hours. The peppermint rush bar give me super soft (no cracks or splits) feet for days after using it - even after a shower my feet stay soft. I wear my flip flops and don't care anymore. Recommended to other person who suffers like me. Can't wait to try other products.
I have "necrobiosis " on one leg. My sister bought me a bar of your Peppermint Rush for Christmas. Even though I doubted it would improve the marks I loved the scent and texture. I use it on my leg 3x a day and the redness has decreased by at least 40%! For 20 years nothing has helped, I am now 62.
It was lovely to meet you at the Lysaght Fair on Sunday. I picked up a peppermint rush bar as I loved the scent so much! I don't get dry skin except on my hands and feet, and this bar has left my hands feeling soft all day since using it this morning. It doesn't feel greasy, and after washing my hands through the day they still feel soft. I'm really impressed! Thank you!
I met you around lunch time today and had a little freebie for my eczema. Had a long drive home back to Essex and enjoyed using my massage bar a huge amount. Will definitely be contacting you soon re my lavender wedding favours! Thank you so much!
Bought a small bar today An the lady massaged it into my hand for my eczema, my eyes were swollen from pollen tried a bit around my eyes An totally forgot about it an my eyes had gone right down , will def be buying more
Love the products, I have been using the peppermint moisturiser for 2 day on the heels of my feet and I can already see and feel the difference love this range highly recommend it to all!!
We bought the Peppermint rush moisturising bar from the Liberty Stadium craft fair and all I can see is it's fantastic it's really helped with my son's dry skin on his face and we will definitely be repeat customers I would highly recommend to anyone the quality of the product is second to none
WOW WOW WOW!!! Amazing! My eczema on my elbow and ankle has improved so so much after just 6 days of using Naked Sister Peppermint Rush Massage Bar! I cannot recommend it enough x
I bought one peppermint bar to try a few weeks ago in a fayre in llanelli. Absoutley love it i suffered for years with cracked hands and really hard skin on my feet. Years of working standing up. I can not believe the difference already. Ordered from your website last night. Looking forward to trying the rose bar as well.
I've just used this product, my skin feels amazing ! I'm going to be buying this product to use on my clients for massage andreflexology as a great product for my holistic therapy business
Had a lovely hand massage today and purchase a bar of peppermint rush moisturiser. Highly recommend. My hands are so soft and smell amazing.
Just used a peppermint rush balm and I’m hooked!
Peppermint massage bar - This was fantastic when traveling to Morocco with just hand luggage. Bought this bar as Sarah explained it was good for the face and body, and also cooling. This made it perfect for using on my skin after being in the sunshine and also didn’t take up any of the liquid allowance like other face and body creams would have! Thanks Sarah!!
Absolutely fabulous. I can use nothing else. Fantastic product. I have the bars all around my house and I need to get one for my handbag. The peppermint bar really helps sooth my dry hands.
I had really stubborn eczema that I had been trying to get rid of for 3 weeks, it just kept getting worse. My hands are now eczema free. It took 2 days of using the peppermint bar to clear up!!
Mum has had very severe Psoriasis for years and we have been using the Peppermint Rush bars for the last few months and they are making a massive difference. We love your products and will continue to order on a regualr basis.
I can recommend the massage bars, the sports one especially. I broke my back two years ago and it does help with the low level pain and stiffness I am left with. It also makes for a nice relaxing end to the day. I work as a metal sculptor, welding and handling greasy steel all day long which leaves dry and chapped skin. I now keep one of the massage bars (peppermint Rush flavour) by my sink and give my hands a quick rub with after scrubbing them at the end of the day. my hands feel much better after only a few days. Amazing I am moisturising and had not even realised it.
I love the products, the sports massage bar is super to use after being in a swimming pool as it puts back oils lost due to the chlorine.
I bought the Sports massage bar from you at St David’s church. It is fantastic and eases my neck and shoulders wonderfully. I have a spinal injury and my neck and shoulders compensate so much for my spine that they get very sore. But using this when I get into bed has really eased my shoulders and neck a great deal. More than any deep heat of other sprays or creams of the same nature. So thank you very much and please don’t stop make them.
Using the sports massage bar after a fractured foot it has eased the pain so I walked normally with ease today. Brilliant product
I brought this product for my arthritis and I would highly recommend i have noticed a difference in just a few days
Bought a Sports Bar recently and has helped with soreness and stiffness after training
I bought the sports massage bar on the weekend and can honestly say it has been a godsend for fibro joint pain Moisturising and smells amazing. Can’t wait to try more.
The sports massage bar is brilliant perfect for me to use on my clients with deep tissue problems. I will be buying more. As a plus it smells amazing. Thank you so much xxx
I've used a solid moisturiser once in the past and loved it. So I was so happy to have come across your page by happy accident and I'm very glad I have. Bought the sports bar ~ not that I'm sporty in the least 🙄 but thought it may help my aching legs near the end of my nightshifts. Wow !!! is all i can say, wish I'd found you sooner & I will definately be continuing to buy these as long as you make them.
I bought the sports massage bar today in hope that it would ease the pain I have in my elbows . 😍 to my delight it has taken a bit of the pain away . It leaves a lovely feeling on your skin and such a lovely smell . Would definitely recommend , even if it’s just to soften skin I would still purchase . Very happy customer . Thanks xx
How lovely to have such delightful products to use in the days following my surgery....I'm so looking forward to using them....and thank you so much for my sports massage very kind of you