Calm & Soothe Essential Oil Blend


Pure essential oil blend, 10ml

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With lavender to relax the body, clary sage to calm the nerves and notes up uplifting sweet orange to lift the mood and help restore positive thoughts.   Perfect for times of worry and anxiety.


Lavender, clary sage and sweet orange essential oils.

Car Diffuser Instructions:

Unscrew the wooden lid and then remove the little stopper at the top of the bottle.
Pour your preferred essential oil blend into the bottle (as much or as little as you prefer).
Replace the wooden lid and shake the diffuser to allow the essential oils to come into contact with the wooden lid.
You can either replace the stopper for slower diffusion or leave the stopper out.
Then simply hang up the diffuser bottle in your car or inside your home.
As the scent diminishes simply turn the bottle upside down for a few seconds to allow the oils to come into close contact with the wooden lid again.


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