Sports Massage Bar

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A solid moisturising bar (not soap) which gently melts on contact with the skin to give you an instant moisturising treat.   It can be used to quickly moisturise dry hands; to moisturise your whole body after bathing; or to give someone special a lovely massage.

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The Sports Massage Bar combines five essential oils with pain-relieving, muscle-relaxant, and warming benefits.   It works well with both muscle and joint issues, as well as before and after exercise.

Contains beeswax to fast-track and lock moisture into your skin, hydrating cocoa butter and softening cold-pressed sweet almond oil, our massage bars will hydrate, protect and nourish your skin.



Cocoa Butter; Sweet Almond Oil; Beeswax.  
Essential Oils: Peppermint; Rosemary; Eucalyptus; Cinnamon ; Ginger; 
(the essential oils contain the following naturally occuring components: limonene; benzyl benzoate; cinnamaldehyde; cinnamyl alcohol; coumarin; eugenol; linalool; citral.)

1 review for Sports Massage Bar

  1. Dayze

    This massage bar is amazing!! I bought it at a market in my home town as a little treat and have found it a life saver with getting back into fitness and taking up running. Would highly recommend, a real bargain.

    • admin

      Thanks so much for your review. I’m so glad the bar is helping!

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